About HQonline

Who are we?

HQonline and NextPCB are respectively a one-stop electronic component sourcing platform and PCB manufacturer, both affiliated with Shenzhen Huaqiu Electronics Co., Ltd., China. Based on the electronic technology industry, HQonline provides a complete set of electronic component business services such as electronic component inquiry, online shopping, PDF datasheet download, logistics distribution, and supply chain.

HQonline has established long-term cooperation relationships with more than 3,000 global electronic component manufacturers, distributors, and agents.

The number of stock-keeping units exceeds one million, covering all categories of electronic components. HQonline also provides various humanized services for engineers and buyers, such as batch inquiry, BOM order, parameter selection, etc. HQonline provides PCB and PCB assembly customization services through NextPCB that is one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers in global and has specialized in the PCB and assembly industry for over 15 years. Our online transaction mode will also make your procurement experience and process more efficient convenient and safe.

Our Chain Our Chain

Electronic Enthusiast Network
Huaqiu Solution
Huaqiu DFM
Huaqiu Circuit
HQ component
Huaqiu Smart Creation

Our Factory Our Factory

Our factory covers a total area of 170,200 square meters, with a component storage area of 16,800 square meters. Our global customers have exceeded 300,000+. HQonline has developed mature solutions in 18 fields such as artificial intelligence, motor control, industrial control, and consumer electronics where industry penetration rate reach out 20%, aiming to provide a boost to the innovation and development of the global electronic information industry.

Factory Area
Global Consumers
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Original Brands

Our Services Our Services

1. Providing One-stop Solution

Quick circuit design & PCB layout

Turnkey electronics manufacturing

Parts & Injection molding

Cable assembly & Box building

2. Electronics Components Supply

Forward-looking BOM analysis

100K+ kinds of components

Key shortage parts supplying

100% original, refund if fake found

3. PCB Manufacturing

Layer Count: 1~32 Layers

Turn Time: As fast as 24 hours

Min. Trace/Spacing: 3mil/3mil

Min. Hole: 0.15mm

4. PCB Assembly

Turnkey/Kitted/Hybrid PCB Assembly

Turn Time: 1 day - 3 weeks

Abilities: 01005 SMD & 0.25 BGA

Inspection: SPI/AOI/X-ray/FCT

Why Us Why Us

High Quality
Fast Delivery Time
Competitive Price
Superior Services
  • No fake parts, IPC class 3 electronics manufacturing
  • The fastest delivery time is 4 hours for components, 24 hours for PCB and 3-5 days for PCBA
  • Directly connect to the production end of the factory, eliminating the cost of middlemen
  • 24h one-on-one service to solve the whole process problem from ordering to receiving